Thursday, 16 September 2010

Digital Swagger

20th Birthday celebrations
Back to uni

(L-R) Lois shows off her retro glamour side, Art Deco shapes with a fusion of modern sophistication.
Tash struts her freshly tanned stuff in a cute nautical pencil skirt, keeping it fresh with a simple fitted vest.
Birthday Girl-Chloe raises the Hepburn hemline and opts for lace print making this dress perfect for a night out, bare legged, or with leggings for dinner with the girls.

Monday, 13 September 2010

Today i'm teaming up with Boardman, Armstrong and Hoy.

Shoes from ,what then was, Smooth Criminal.Brighton Lanes.Older-than-my-nans-remaining-teeth purchase.
Jumpsuit from Zara.Maidstone.A town WORSE than Crawley. Saw a fair few monstrsities, experienced a lot of passive smoking, and strolled though a dissapointing House of Fraser.

Friday, 10 September 2010

Today...I'm revisiting an old trend.

Hello old friend
Old trend
Leotard needs a mend.

A/W 09. Underwear as Outerwear.

When i turned 18 i LIVED in this leotard across the classy clubbing scene of Bar Med, Liquid and Shelly's courtesy of Crawley and Horsham.

Out it comes again, one of the most versatile garments i own.
This time teamed with my wardrobe updater - camel x militant style trousers (Topshop) a leopard print bra, which is actually quite discreet below the lace?! A very old waistcoat from Clothes Show Live 07! Oh new giant wasp earrings (somewhere along Battle High St.)

Friday, 3 September 2010

Hunters Mud Beer Perry Sherman Lambretta Parka Vespa Weller

The Moons-Amazing

Twisted Wheel- band had a bit of a barney so some crap london-er replaced them.

Imelda May(in a cheeky Ben Sherman check print dress)-Amazing

The Bee's (local band)-Amazing

Brand New Heavies-Amazing

The Coral(not The Cords)-Amazing

Paul Weller- Breathtaking

Today, i wore, a lot of layers....Original Rolling Stones Tour Tee from '87, oversized mens check shirt, aviator jacket, massively oversized GORTEX (i love you,) demin shorts, hunting socks and patent black hunters, oh and a flower. just to keep it femine.VIP luminous green band, hidden within the Gortex.

Dad-Ben Sherman check shirt, Ben Sherman Parka, Ben Sherman jeans, Lambretta shoes, Ben Sherman shoulder bag.VIP band.

A day fuelled by parka's,targets, paella, special brew, VIP, portaloo's, and one MASSIVE idol.
Just W O W !
Here's some cheeky piccies of some rather delicious garments.and mods.

'Do i have to smile'
'A Mod never smiles for a lens.'

The guy in the trench looked fabulously the flesh.



Thursday, 26 August 2010

Today...all i need is a black apron and a french accent

No, im not off to a shift a the Havana Bar,Brighton.

Jimmy Choo's.side zip, snakeskin and sprinkled with studds of all assortments.

Topshop lace leotard, i clearly clearly remember buying this with some birthday money over 2 years ago!!And i've worn it to shreds, literally.

Primark black skinnies.Possibly the best skinnies i've ever put my hard earned wonga into...and got more that a pennie's change back.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Jeremy Scott. You little minx.


Feeling the look with my ripped demin shorts, a basic slit but fitted tank, oversized (undone)zip hoody, Snoopers Paradise gold chains and a cheeky visa.

Monday, 23 August 2010


Flicking through a little book of sex tips - wait wrong medium
Flicking through a little book of trend tips - Yeh. Okay,GLAMOUR.

My peepers caught sight of this fun Ray Ban Wayfarer advert. Reminded me of the many times Foot and I (and a little bit of Hawkins)have ventured into the cramped yet hugely varied, photo-booths.

First stop. LONDON.Rough Trade. a while back. First meeting with a rather influential chap, with some rather divine leopard print footwear.

Second Stop.LONDON.PunkClub Soho-Victoria Station Face Paint.Free Candy. Circus Acts.

Third Stop.HASTINGS.We got lost.I got lost.Big Booth.Bigger laughs.Big airbrush

My point?
This ad looks so fun, but so so simple. Just proves that not every trend or brand, colour or style have to try and out do McQueen's magnificent stage acts to get noticed. This is what I love about Fashion as an Art vs Fashion as an Ego.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

To:Granny. RE:Knit like your pension relies on it.

Little trip to T-Wells reminded me to start stocking up on casual,cosy, easy clothes for college...uni... Garments i can wrap myself into in between walks from the gravely car park to through the smelly canteen and into the haven of our fashion rooms. Items that i can whizz on in a jiffy after abusing the snooze button one too many times...HELLO CHUNKY KNIT.
Trusty skinny jeans-soft,supple and totally floor-worn, tidy 'Zara basic' fitted top for silhouette and over sized,huge knit,knit. Love this Stefanel range, but i think the look would be more complete with a pair of mid shin, tongue hanging low - a dog panting in the Sahara, low- ankle boots, and some uber long thigh high socks- rolled right down.

I sure ain't gunna let no J.Frost ruin this season. Biatccch.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

TROOP? Meeting #1

Brighton Marina
Seattle Hotel
Conference Room
The Beginning...

So, today i met up with two business guys, who want to set up a self customising tailored shirt online store...and they asked ME, not even a degree student (YET) to pop along and give advise on their initial plans and idea's on current or upcoming fashion, trends, colours, forecasting, style, layout, photography...two and a bit short hours later and we'd come up with a fab brainstorm of idea's, just to get the ball rolling.
Their idea's have got huge huge potential, but need YOUR help! After Menswear designers and definitely after a hand with photography, styling, modelling when the launch happens! We're eager to get it done before Christmas, so a lot of work needs to be put in.
I'm having another meeting soon so I'll keep you all updated.I've run our idea's through with Sam earlier today (Foot Wears-The Personal Uniform) and we've come up with some that we can hopefully expand on.

All in all, a very productive day!

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Today I'm...MAXIng Out the Store Card.

LOVE this Maxi. Searched high and low for a dress which wasn't cotton, wasn't too thin, wasn't too high street but isn't a pain to wash. Thank you Old Town Hastings for stocking this beaut and for not breaking the piggy bank. The back on this is pretty unusual too, I'll hopefully be uploading one soon!
Tried getting some trend spotting snaps, but if you ever visit Hastings, you'll understand why i was unsuccessful.Better luck next time?

Oh and the gold necklace, Snoopers Paradise. BEST SHOP IN THE SOUTH?Ohhhh yes. without a doubt. Its pretty much a feature in all my outfits/life.

Monday, 2 August 2010

Today...I'm giving Dotty P a pedi.

Basic ol' 60's cream shift dress, with cute detailed buttons on the shoulder, feel like i should be preppin' the wax pot in a salon in this dress, ohh well, least its DP so the manager can't complain today.
Oh and my faithful Tesco bag. Lots of loving right there.
Minimal jewelery,don't wanna get anything caught on the delivery totes.Eeek.

Hope it's not too gloriously warm and sunny today, or the customers are gunna feel a lot of jealousy coming their way!

Thursday, 29 July 2010

What's inside your self storage?

The colour of the season?

Less ISN'T more?
One of the most memorable trends from my childhood, draped on the worn out frames of the mums on the school playground?
Stereotype colour for a pedophiles/detective's/stalker's Trench coat?

Apparently, it's the nineties turn to have a fashion revival. I can't help but think of, literally, a camel, with its wonky,twig like legs, out of proportion humps, coarse hide...and well, not exactly easy-on-the-eye appearance.

However, I am looking forward to seeing how people incorporate this into their wardrobes,creatively and uninspired by the bog standard stock in the Londis glossy mag rack. I found this genuine fox fur, coat, described as "camel colour" outerwear jacket, loving the red tints, urbanising the slightly bland base trend colour.

Looks like I'll be raiding my mum's/aunt's and neighbours attics for some true nineties flavour and mixing with deep purple hues, country tweed khaki,and hints of grey accent colours to enhance a rural vs. urbanisation feel...

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Today is...A Drive Through Route 66

Harley Davidson riding boots, demin shorts, made from an old old old pair of GAP (cringe) jeans, and good ol' Topshop 'Live to Ride' cropped tee....oh and Levis belt.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Today is the..... Queen's Jubilee

Today I'm sporting a pair of retro red peep toe day-time heels, rolled up black skinnie's and a new red white and blue lace top.

oh yes...also what i wore to the launch of 'Testy' at Madame Geisha, Brighton. Jeans were a mistake in the muggy sea-side heat!