Saturday, 29 October 2011

Gucci Graze + Coco Cuts.

Just another fad available to the masses who cant afford satins and silks, furs and frills or leather and lace from this seasons designer collection or designer dressings, portrayed as a wealth boaster to rival parents on the playground, enhanced when your sons au pair wacks this on his knee after soccer practice.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Back and blue.

Been a while.
but i'm back and blue...

Last thursday i had a training day at Lee Stafford HO.
After a 'reem' detour to Brentwood, a toilet stop at Windsor Leisure Centre, 3 petrol stops, some practical fun, a fire alarm and some form filling, I left Reading with a sack of goodies, peacock effect ends, a swallow on my collar bone and a black glitter heart on my wrist. Hyped up and ready for a night out with my leopard leggings in Leighton Buzzard.

Skin Art, Lee Stafford and Colour Extreme take to the hustle and bustle of Clothes Show Live 2011 at Birmingham NEC at the beginning of December. The Lee Stafford stand sits alongside Juicy Couture and boasts a team of glam girls in black tutu's and hot pink LS tee's.
Come along for a huge selection of treats, discontinued and discounted products, hair tattoos and sprays, glitter tattoos, and fab transfer tattoos to take you back to those Cheetos freebie holiday moments, but with added glamour and glitz.

Today's blue brunette;

Apply Colour Extreme white hair spray and dry for a base, then layer Colour Extreme Hair Art in blue, dry with a hairdryer to enhance colour and reapply to create a stronger colour. Add purple directly onto the blue to achieve a blended and softer approach. finish with Lee Stafford Hold Tight hair spray and Aragon Oil to moisture hair and add supple softness.