Tuesday, 17 August 2010

To:Granny. RE:Knit like your pension relies on it.

Little trip to T-Wells reminded me to start stocking up on casual,cosy, easy clothes for college...uni... Garments i can wrap myself into in between walks from the gravely car park to through the smelly canteen and into the haven of our fashion rooms. Items that i can whizz on in a jiffy after abusing the snooze button one too many times...HELLO CHUNKY KNIT.
Trusty skinny jeans-soft,supple and totally floor-worn, tidy 'Zara basic' fitted top for silhouette and over sized,huge knit,knit. Love this Stefanel range, but i think the look would be more complete with a pair of mid shin, tongue hanging low - a dog panting in the Sahara, low- ankle boots, and some uber long thigh high socks- rolled right down.

I sure ain't gunna let no J.Frost ruin this season. Biatccch.

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