Monday, 23 August 2010


Flicking through a little book of sex tips - wait wrong medium
Flicking through a little book of trend tips - Yeh. Okay,GLAMOUR.

My peepers caught sight of this fun Ray Ban Wayfarer advert. Reminded me of the many times Foot and I (and a little bit of Hawkins)have ventured into the cramped yet hugely varied, photo-booths.

First stop. LONDON.Rough Trade. a while back. First meeting with a rather influential chap, with some rather divine leopard print footwear.

Second Stop.LONDON.PunkClub Soho-Victoria Station Face Paint.Free Candy. Circus Acts.

Third Stop.HASTINGS.We got lost.I got lost.Big Booth.Bigger laughs.Big airbrush

My point?
This ad looks so fun, but so so simple. Just proves that not every trend or brand, colour or style have to try and out do McQueen's magnificent stage acts to get noticed. This is what I love about Fashion as an Art vs Fashion as an Ego.

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