Thursday, 29 July 2010

What's inside your self storage?

The colour of the season?

Less ISN'T more?
One of the most memorable trends from my childhood, draped on the worn out frames of the mums on the school playground?
Stereotype colour for a pedophiles/detective's/stalker's Trench coat?

Apparently, it's the nineties turn to have a fashion revival. I can't help but think of, literally, a camel, with its wonky,twig like legs, out of proportion humps, coarse hide...and well, not exactly easy-on-the-eye appearance.

However, I am looking forward to seeing how people incorporate this into their wardrobes,creatively and uninspired by the bog standard stock in the Londis glossy mag rack. I found this genuine fox fur, coat, described as "camel colour" outerwear jacket, loving the red tints, urbanising the slightly bland base trend colour.

Looks like I'll be raiding my mum's/aunt's and neighbours attics for some true nineties flavour and mixing with deep purple hues, country tweed khaki,and hints of grey accent colours to enhance a rural vs. urbanisation feel...

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