Monday, 18 March 2013

Ladies who Levis

The Easter holidays are approaching, not only am i lusting for some sun, but also some new new threads. This time last year, a fab friend and i seemed to indulge in a new summer habit; Lunching in the Laines followed by a leisurely Levis splurge.

I was too young to appreciate my first super soft, pale demin, pearl button, long sleeve demin shirt. After smearing Boots' ''Glitter Babes'' lipstick carelessly over the cuffs and gradually shoving it to the back of my wardrobe, I barely even missed it until the day I received my second and most beloved denim shirt. Soft demin with embroidered cowboy boots from Gordon James. This is my warbrobe fave. my baby. I've had it for 5 years now... Worn buttoned to the top with my gorgeous Harley Davidson boots, worn undone with summer sandals and cheeky yellow crochet shorts, over a glam bodycon tiedye dress, with jeans and high tops or over a bikini at the beach. This shirt really is the definition of versatile.

On the hunt for a roughed up second hand over sized demin jacket, I stumbled across a mid-blue Levis sleeveless mens shirt. For a barain tenner. This has become my new going out dress. Debut appearence at Drake, worn top two buttons done up, black body con dress, crucifix necklace, frilly socks and HD boots and daaaark deep purple lips. Next outing, Mosca at Life. this night still gives me thrills. Same top two buttons. Same body con. Same socks, but with leopard print wedges and a cheeeky Vivienne Westwood orb on the collar.

 Even though I no longer reside at the sunny seaside, I cant wait to explore what potential habits RTW has to offer...This summer im going for chic over street, which I know will be oozing from this designer dripping town.


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