Sunday, 15 January 2012

Today i am a sheep

Today i am wearing a bargain jumper - 40% wool don't you know.
I find myself turning my nose up at anything that looks warm and cosy but is actually 100% synthetic. Not in a pompous manor FYI.

Jumper £15 STING at Westfields shopping centre in Stratford, Laaaandan.
Trilby £12 Forever 21
Vintage Scarf - Christmas gift from the bestie ( blogspot; Footwears)

Popped to the big city to see my cousin for a hint of christmas shopping, window shopping, idea hunting.
We both had a pretty successful evening, rummaging for NYE sparkle and christmas glamour. I came back to the coast with this wooly jumper from STING, a plum trilby, gold sequin skirt, metallic top (as seen in Metallic Madness) a 'joke' LOVE LIFE tee all courtesy of Forever 21 accomanied by a belly full of fine wine and good food.

My wardrobe 1 - 0 Christmas Shopping

Post festive season, i am still snuggling down in this oatmeal delight however, the bobbling has got a bit extreme and it has sadly become a frequent hibernator in my art deco cocktail cabinet...student make shift wardrobe.


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