Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Lotta Love for the Laurel

Simple Snap.
Never Naked
Black and white Beauty.

If someone told me they'd just had a brand logo tattooed on them, i would be mortified for them, and assume they were intensely intoxicated or highly high.

However. my love for this is inexpressible.

Craig says;

"After building up a collection of Fred Perry Polo's (16 in total), footwear and cardigans, the next natural step had to be a tattoo...
For my 21st birthday, I got the Fred Perry Laurel tattooed on my chest, as if it were embroidered on a polo.

This photo was taken at my local beach in the sunshine!

Now I've always got a Fred Perry polo on..."

With thanks to Fred Perry's 'Tell Us Your Story' online feature.

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